Bereris Stores

Founded in 1980, BERERIS STORES has been established as the ultimate destination of elegance in Western Greece for four decades, through several exclusive partnerships. Situated in the center of Agrinio, in the most commercial street of the city, BERERIS STORES counts over forty years of trading in the fashion industry and has hosted numerous leading European and International fashion brands, for both women and men. Considered one of the most successful and acclaimed multi-brand luxury boutiques in the whole region, we deliver a truly unique shopping experience to our costumers. 

Our main target is to offer a wide selection of clothes, shoes and accessories which combine quality and elegance. We focus on the current fashion trends without however ignoring classic styles, providing our customers with the most inspired outfits. Our carefully curated collection of designer clothes and luxury (for ladies and gentlemen) fashion accessories are ready to take you to the next level always maintaining your style in and on the trend grid.

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